Personal distress beacon MOBePRO

MOBePRO is the new generation of “Man Overboard” personal distress beacon, the purpose of which is to speed up the rescue of a sailor who has fallen into the water.

In case of triggering, the MOBEPRO alarm and geolocation system generates an alert on the DSC system (Digital Selective Call) in order to alert boats equipped with DSC receivers, and indicates its position on the AIS system (Automatic Identification System).

Frequencies used: AIS1: 161.975 MHz • AIS2: 162.025 MHz • ASN: 156.525 MHz



Beacon designed in accordance with the Global Safety System Distress and Safety at Sea (GMDSS). Standards EN 303 098, EN 303 132.


Automatic triggering of the beacon when opening the life jacket and immersing the wet contactor (limits false alarms).


The beacon fits easily into the life jacket without salient edges

Alarm and geolocation system: DSC communication – AIS location

Man overboard beacon MOBePRO

The MOBePRO alarm and geolocation system, developed by our electronics design office, is attached to the life jacket of the staff on board the boat. It incorporates a high visibility white flash lamp. The automatic triggering of the beacon is effective under two conditions: opening of the safety jacket and immersion of the wet contactor.

The transmission of the “man overboard” alarm on the DSC communication network first allows the activation of a siren on board, alerting the crew instantly, as soon as the beacon is activated. Once the GPS position of the beacon has been calculated, it is updated every minute on the AIS network.

In the event of a false alarm or man overboard recovery, the AIS can send an acknowledgment message to stop the alarm before the AIS is triggered.

The AIS receiver on board being connected to the ship’s mapping system, the MOBePRO is thus displayed on the electronic chart, to help the calculation of a recovery route.

Each boat near the beacon will also receive a distress signal as well as the very precise GPS position of the beacon in order to divert to help.

Man overboard beacon MOBePRO

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