Fuel injection systems test

Diesel, gazoline or urea injection system test

World leader in the testing of injection systems for thermal engines, EFS offers a full range of products enabling the testing and qualification of all diesel, petrol or urea injection systems on the market. We have been developing and manufacturing in our offices & workshops during 40 years for worldwide customers:

  • R&D, production, quality and endurance benches
  • Shot to shot flowmeters for measuring the injector flow
  • Injector drivers (IPoD) to generate the form of current or voltage required to open the injector
  • Accessories to synchronize the equipment on the test bench, control the customer’s high pressure pump or acquire different measurements in parallel with the flow.
  • Injector spray measurement systems through our Injetvision range.

For each of them, our priority has always been to meet best the needs of our customers both in terms of quality and on time delivery. Our benches interest can be summarized as: flexibility, ease of use, robustness and measurement accuracy thanks to our instantaneous flowmeters. We guarantee monitoring and maintenance throughout Europe, all of Asia and North America.

Dedicated injectors characterization benches

We are also able to characterize your injectors thanks to a fully equipped test bench and qualified technicians in order to carry out many measurements.

  • Measurement to determine the fouling of injectors (measurement before and after running)
  • Measurement for comparison of injectors (old and new generation)
  • Measurement to characterize the injector (reference or prototype injector)
  • Measurement with specific fluid for effect on injection generation
  • Determination of injector failures (instability analysis on the flow rate or on the generation of the spray, deformation of the spray, etc.).

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