INJETVISION : injection spray visualisation

The INJETVISION spray visualization system is ideal for automatically studying the evolution of gasoline or diesel injector jets, single or multi-jets during injection.

The purpose of the INJETVISION vision system is to observe and study the jets from high pressure petrol or diesel injectors under an inert atmosphere (Nitrogen or CO2) up to 50 bar relative (± 0.5 bar).

It is equipped with powerful software ensuring the complete image processing chain from the acquisition of images to their processing.


A thermal switch, a safety valve and a bursting disc ensure the safety of the entire system.


We build your injector adapter for mounting.

– Straight injector,
– Motorized rotary injector,
– Manual rotary injector,
– Offset injector,
– Injector with nitrogen scan



Specific steel cavity to meet all the requirements for the 97/23 / C pressure equipment certification.

Spray Acq and Spray Analyser : the fully controlled image processing chain

SprayAcq software

The software automates a complete sequence of jet image acquisitions. It allows acquiring images of injection jets in Alpha and Lambda. It manages the entire INJETVISION system. To summary, it controls:

  • the injector order pulse,
  • the pressure in the vision chamber,
  • pressure in the rail,
  • the position of the jet deflector,
  • the rotation of the injector,
  • the two cameras for shooting from below and from the side of the jets.


SprayAnalyser software

It can study automatically the evolution of the morphological parameters of the jets coming from petrol or diesel injectors. It rounds off the SprayAcq image acquisition software.

  • Penetration of a jet
  • Percentage of penetration of a jet
  • Opening angle of a jet
  • Jet surface
  • Spray volume
  • Symmetry
  • Layer angle of a jet in Lambda view
  • Lambda angle of a jet in Lambda view
  • Alpha angle of a jet
  • Interjet angle
  • Circularity

The entire image processing chain is thus mastered, ranging from acquisition to image processing and formatting of results.