Injector Control unit: ICU

The ICU module provides the control signals to control an injector and the equipment necessary for acquiring images for the spray display system Injetvision.

It has several operating modes:

  • In internal mode, it generates its signals according to the parameters defined by the user without synchronization with an external signal.
  • In synchronized mode, it receives external information (a pulse on a logic input) on which it synchronizes to generate the command “piloting the injector”.


In “signal generator” mode or in “synchronized” mode


Rack 19 ”3U for easy installation in a measuring cabinet


Several operating modes:

Internal – Synchronized on START – Synchronized on the signals from the angle encoder – Synchronized on the synchro pump signal.

Synchronization of injector and injetvision equipment pilotage

Injector driving

  • Driving of the injector with a time resolution of 0.1 µs.
  • Order from 1 to 10 injections per revolution at frequencies between 0.1 and 10 Hertz.
  • Operation either in signal generator mode (injection parameters entered by the user), or in single shot mode (it receives a pulse on a logic input).

An additional power module adapted to the injector to be controlled is necessary: IPoD coil (solenoid type injector) or IPoD piezo (piezoelectric injector).


INJETVISION equipment management

  • The camera allowing instantaneous image capture: it defines the instant of image capture with respect to the 1 / T signal and the exposure time with a 0.1 µs resolution.
  • The fog extraction device allowing the automatic cleaning of the enclosure necessary during successive injections.
  • 4 additional signals to control 2 pulsed laser sources. These signals can also be used to control strobe lights.

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