Control & test

Test equipment designed to last

EFS has developed real expertise in the design and manufacture of test means intended for the control of equipment in a laboratory or production environment and in various activity fields: automotive, transport, research … Our test facilities are always defined to be scalable, easily maintainable and highly reliable. The equipment presented below has, for some, been installed in production for more than 15 years and is still maintained. They operate in 2 × 8, 6 days a week, 280 days a year with a productivity rate above 95%.

Perfectly adapted test resources

Our equipment is always perfectly suited to the specifications for the test part to be carried out and for the environment. The ergonomic is also a major point as the test itself.

We are looking to define easy and smart operating equipment that can be used by everyone. Yet, the scalability of the equipment will always be considered from the design to be able to answer to long periods of use and guarantee maintainability over several decades.

Whatever test problem you are considering, do not hesitate to submit in order to design together a reproducible, safe and reliable long-term test equipment.

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