Equipment for maintenance or new products acceptance

EFS is industrializing various test equipments:

  • Validation cubicle (TCMS products, traction products, signaling products, network products…)
  • Maintenance test bench for analyzing and troubleshooting failures of trains embedded electronic racks.

A the beginning

in 2010, a big company asked us the integration and wiring of test racks


A specialized team in complex equipment design


We manage all the stages from the customer’s need to the packaging for Export

Integration and wiring of train & underground test equipment

Customer problem

For more than ten years, the company Alstom, specialized in the transport field, mainly rail, has called on EFS for the production of test benches and system cublices.

This partnership mainly concerns two types of equipment:

  • benches for Alstom customer maintenance centers including a pilot cubicle and a acceptance
  • test cubicle for testing new products and associated software.

EFS answers

  • Industrialization from a functional specification
  • Creation of the manufacturing file
  • Component supply
  • Wiring by a team of cablers and test
  • Packing and packaging for export


  • Production of complex products with strong constraints (more than 3000 signals)
  • Equipment produced in series on our workshops by a dedicated team
  • Delivery in world-wide countries with Alstom train or underground lines.
  • Specific development tools (train control system, traction products (engine, brake), signaling products, network product…
  • Maintenance tools allowing rapid troubleshooting of defective electronic rack followed by a complete test.