Connected objects

Embedded systems and connected objects

EFS develops on-board systems and autonomous and communicating connected objects integrated into the product to be monitored. Its design office, mastering the fields of electronics, optics, IT and mechanics, will provide you with an innovative and suitable technical solution.

From customers specifications, we find the solution to answer to specific intended uses, in the environments defined by the customer requirements.

Here are examples of application cases:

  • Produced in harsh and/or constrained environments,
  • Efficient control of moving wear parts integrated into equipment (predictive maintenance),
  • Personal protective equipment (man overboard alarm and geolocation)…
Embedded systems and connected objects
Embedded systems and autonomous connected objects

Intelligent, communicative and autonomous measurement

Your product may require no connector:

  • to avoid risky handling by unskilled persons or in inaccessible areas
  • to be perfectly autonomous in an area without power supply or wired communication possible (purely mechanical, isolated place, etc.)
  • to operate in mobile mode (such as a mobile phone) for the protection or security of people (firefighters in dangerous areas, fishermen, maneuvers on railways)…