Obsolescence of R & d benches, production and injetvision

Since 2000, our company has manufactured more than 80 test benches at our Montagny site in France. These are R&D benches, production benches, injetvision benches.
Some of them sometimes require a complete upgrading in order to be used in the best conditions in terms of reliability, accuracy and safety.


A customer having purchased a new test bench wishes to upgrade its old benches to standardize its equipment.


Extend the life of your equipment and thus postponned investments in new and expensive equipment.


Updgrade of the bench which is now adapted to customer requirements

Reconception of an obsolete bench

Customer issues

Existing study bench at customer side but requiring renovation because it cannot be used as it is.

EFS answers

  • complete rework of electromechanics & hydraulics
  • upgrade of measurement tools
  • operational safety check

Solution advantage

  • After renovation, the bench integrates the same facilities as the other remaining benches at customer side
  • Operational bench at a lower cost than a new one
  • Standardization of the production plant (homogeneous interfaces for ease of use)