Design of electronic racks

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redesigned ergonomics

The EMI2 screen and keyboard have given way to a graphical interface under Windows.

100 % compatible

A simple option to be checked by the user in xEMI3 selects the operating mode: EMI2 or EMI3


Communication with the EMI3 is simplified: No display, no keyboard: just an Ethernet link

Obsolete rack redesign

Product problem

The EMI2 electronic rack integrated in production cubicles presents unremovable connectors due to its previous installations.


EFS anwsers

  • Design of a new EMI3 rack integrating all of the connectors but with completely new cards simplifying assembly and reducing the cost of manufacturing and maintenance.
  • Dual user interface with a compatible version within the old and a new model, featuring a complete version including all the preventive maintenance information.

Solution advantages

  • Rework of all the functionalities of its predecessors but offers significant improvements in terms of measurement parameters
  • The integration of the rack’s electronic cards has been improved to make it more robust and functional while ensuring perfect compatibility with the EMI2.
  • Improvement of the interface. the screen and the keyboard of the EMI2 have given way to a graphical interface under Windows which offers a clear and precise display of the results: display of the results in large characters …).