Remote and wireless measurement 

EFS is developing connected sensors that are essential, for example, to improve control (servoing, regulation) or monitoring (predictive maintenance, data collection) of production equipment in Industry 4.0.
The difficulty often consists in implementing reliable measurements, in a very demanding industrial environment and at low cost. This is why, faced with this difficulty, many developments stop at the Proof of Concept step.
The expertise of technologies in sensors, autonomous power supplies, radio transmissions, and also the great knowledge of the environments, requirements, industrial standards allow EFS to quickly move from the Proof of Concept to the high-performance industrial product.

Starting point

An industry (heavy industry / chemicals) contact us for a reliable solution of electrical measurements on its existing process equipment


The environment is very harsh and unlikely to radio transmissions (high temperatures, omnipresent metallic structures, etc.).
The solution must be cheap (several thousand measurement points at time)


Measurement conditioning unit, radio transmission, autonomy

Compact and autonomous sensor

Customer issues

An industrialist (heavy industry / chemicals) contacts us to find a reliable solution of electrical measurements to equip their existing process equipment at low cost (several thousand measurement points in the long term).

EFS answers

Proposal for a co-development project in several phases:

  • Definition of objectives, records of physical data and constraints
  • Identification of possible concepts, choice and validation of a concept
  • Creation of a series of pilot products based on technological bricks
  • Mastered by EFS
  • Industrialization.


  • Validated solution
  • Rapid deployment.
Autonomous and communicating integrated sensor

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