Turbidity probe Turbi-Probe 4000+

Turbidity probe

Nephelometric turbidimeter: for on-line and continuous water clarity monitoring

This immersion turbidity probe measures in full autonomy the quality of water in sewerage networks, natural aquatic environments, and also treatment plants. It measures in a wide range between 0 and 4000 NTU with a resolution of 0.01 NTU. The measurement is performed by nephelometry according to ISO 7027 standard. The Turbi-Probe 4000+ turbidity probe will be perfect for turbidity measurement on waste water, polluted ones with industrial effluents and post-treatment discharge water.

Application areas

  • Sewage network
  • Surface waters
  • Wastewater treatment plant
  • Process water


Significant autonomy thanks to the 2V / 20 Ah battery pack: measurement every minute for a year.


Robust and industrial manufacturing: probe made of Acetal, very hard plastic.

The measuring window is made of synthetic sapphire very resistant to scratches.


Plug and play

Easy and quick to set up: the probe can be immersed directly in the effluent to be analyzed or held in position using a pole.

Maintenance free

Low operating cost: automatic wiper cleaning limiting maintenance.



Wide measuring range


Temperature indication


Very low energy consumption


Integrated data logger


Measurement according to ISO 7027 / EN27027 standard


Directly operational


Quick and easy calibration


Optical compensation by reference sensor


Digital data transmission


Scratch-resistant sapphire window


100% autonomous and reliable


Made in France (designed and manufactured from A to Z by EFS)

Composition of the TURBI-PROBE 4000+

The probe is available in two versions:

Turbidity probe EFS 8677-W

The EFS 8677-W probe

It is equipped with a communication cable for quick connection to the customer supervision system (bare wires). A USB / RS 485 cable can be added as required

Turbidity probe EFS 8677-C

The EFS 8677-C probe

The probe and its battery pack equipped with a cable for connection to customer supervision (bare wires). A USB / RS 485 cable can be added as required (configuration and recovery of data on PC).

Technical specifications Turbi-probe 4000+

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