Multi-parameter UV-probe 254+ for on-line and continuous monitoring of water quality and effluent

This COD probe also measures the parameters BOD, TOC, SS and SAC. It is perfect for measuring the quality of natural water, treatment plant water and process water. It uses UV / visible technology for the measurement and analysis of physicochemical parameters such as COD, BOD, TOC, Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Spectral Absorption Coefficients (at CAS 254nm and CAS 560nm). The COD EFS UV-Probe 254+ will be perfectly suited for various self-monitoring applications and for continuous analysis of wastewater or industrial effluents.

Application areas

  • Industrial process water
  • Wastewater treatment plant
  • Surface water


7 parameters available: COD, BOD, TOC, SS, SAC254, SAC560, Color.


The probe is made of 316L stainless steel. Its single cord (IP68-10 meters) is equipped with a water-resistant connector for perfect security of power and data transmission.

Plug and play

implementation: the probe is immersed directly in the effluent to be analyzed or installed in a measurement chamber.

Maintenance free

Automatic cleaning by air compressed integrated device in box (option)

The UV-probe 254 + highlights


Without reagent or prior filtration


Low operating cost


Easy and quick to set up


100% autonomous and reliable


UV led for long life


316L stainless steel


Made in France


Very good measurement stability in transients and low hysteresis

The composition of the UV-probe 254+

A measurement probe

A transmitter ensuring the collection and processing of measurements

An optional compressed air cleaning module: Cleaning Box

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