Water overflow detector

This detector is mainly used for monitoring storm spillways and sewerage networks. It can also be used for other applications:

  • Detection of water in a pool or canal,
  • Quantification of overflow times in bottling stations.

We have designed a robust equipment to be installed in a harsh environment and thus reliable by using a patented ultrasonic measurement

Starting point

A company asks us to develop a more reliable water overflow detector than existing ones


Ultrasonic measurement



Patented measurement technology to prevent false detections

Ultrasonic measurement for reliable detection

Customer issues

A company in Lyon has asked us to develop and manufacture a liquid detector less sensitive to fouling than those existing on the market.

  • The equipment must avoid false detections: only the presence of water
  • Installation in harsh environments: water loaded in storm spillways, sewerage networks, …

EFS Answers

These constraints are integrated into our solution in order to provide a perfectly adapted answer :

  • Implementation of a patented measurement technology which uses ultrasound in order to obtain reliable detection: no bad detection even in the event of fouling of the sensor.
  • All sensitive elements are integrated into the device’s housing and are therefore completely protected from external aggressions.
  • The composite material housing is IP68 and has hydrodynamic shapes to limit fouling.

System features:

  • Dimensions: 125 mm x 72 mm x 46 mm.
  • The start, duration, and end of the overflow are registered and saved in an internal memory. This information can be read by a supervisor via a RS485 serial link. The sensor also incorporates an open collector output to transmit detection of the overflow signal in real time.


  • Robust and waterproof equipment IP68
  • Reliable detection
  • No other maintenance than replacing the battery.

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